On Halloween, my district put on an event called Tech-O-Ween.  It was a professional development opportunity similar to an EdCamp.  There were a variety of sessions, all led by teachers or others from within our district or other local districts.  Tech tips, tech tools, and teaching strategies were shared.  The event was organized by Chris Long (  He did a great job.  I’m going to keep this post fairly short because I have already compiled my notes with a few other teachers notes and put together a Google Doc that I shared out at my school.  There are plenty of links in the document about the cool stuff that was shared at Tech-O-Ween.

You can find that document HERE!!!

Tech-O-Ween was a much needed day of professional development for me. After 2 months of school I needed a kick in the butt to remember that everyday I need to come with my A game.  I always try to keep that motivating me, but sometimes as a teacher you need to see others doing great things to inspire you to step it up.  There were so many great teachers sharing so many cool ideas.  It almost creates a sense of competition,  which I think is healthy.  The idea of Accountability Partners or EduRivals came up and that’s what I’m talking about.  As teachers, just like with any job, we need to strive to be our best everyday.  I want to be the best teacher.  I want students, parents, other teachers, and administrators to know it.  Tech-O-Ween was a great experience that re-lit my fuse.


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