A Letter to My Students

So I sat down the other day and started reflecting on this year.  Before I knew it I was writing a letter to my students.  I tried to be a real and honest and possible.  I’ve been a Twitter regular for a while now and sometimes I feel like the stuff teachers post is a little fake and utopianist.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Posting the positives is much better than posting the negatives.  However, I wanted to be real with my students and now I want to share the realness with you.  While I wish I could have written personalized letters to all 160 students, I just didn’t have the time to do that.  Instead, I wrote this letter to all of my students.  I figured I would post it.  It kind of serves as a reflection on this school year for me.  Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to view the letter…



2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Students

  1. BTW…this letter is pretty awesome that you wrote to your students.
    Oddly, it sounds a lot like what I have been saying to my students the last month. I almost felt bad for trying so many new things, confusing them, not giving them many strict guidelines, letting them have a choice, letting them use their cell-phones, making them feel academically uncomfortable, not giving one single test or quiz this year(they didn’t mind that!!) But now that I read your letter, I don’t feel bad at all!! At least I know there is one other teacher feeling the same way!
    Thanks for sharing your letter to them.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I basically sat down and was trying to figure out if this year was a success or not. I started writing some positives and negatives, but then I got this weird feeling that I needed to explain myself to my students. I had gotten feedback from the students, mostly positive, but there were some kids who felt that the class was all over the place.
    It sounds like we had similar years. While I probably did experiment a little too much and try too many things without really thinking them through, it was all a learning experience and I think now I have figured out what changes from this year will stick and which ones won’t. I’m excited for next year. Now if I could just figure out the whole grading thing!

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