About Me/Resume

My name is Tim Floyd.
I live and teach in Huntington Beach, CA.

Facts about me

  • I have a beautiful wife named Holly.
  • We have 1 dog.
  • I have played in bands since I was 14 years old.  I still play in a band.
  • My favorite style of music is pop-punk.  Sounds like an oxymoron right? I know.  I still love it.
  • I am a vegan
  • I like fashion, but in a weird way.  In a way where wearing a pink striped shirt and a blue plaid tie makes sense.  Simply put, sometimes my clothes are loud.
  • My favorite movie is a toss up between Back to the Future and Shawshank Redemption.


  • Huntington Beach High School (Huntington Beach, CA) June 2015-Present
    • Assistant Principal – Curriculum & Instruction
      • Developed and maintained a school-wide professional development plan
      • Helped create, refine, and approve new courses (UC/NCAA)
      • Helped develop “Welcome Week” (Smart Start)
      • AP Testing/SBAC/CAST Testing Coordinator
      • Helped develop comprehensive support system for students (MTSS)
      • Assisted the principal with day to day activities
  • Edison High School (Huntington Beach, CA) January 2015-April 2015
    • Assistant Principal, Supervision & Attendance (T.O.S.A.)
      • Handled all student disciplinary matters
      • Supervised the campus supervision staff
      • Handled attendance issues, including SARB interventions
      • Helped update the School Safety Plan
      • Assisted the principal with day to day activities
  • Edison High School (Huntington Beach, CA) 2008-2015
    • Teacher
      • World History
      • U.S. History
      • Economics
    • Coach
      • Water Polo
      • Swimming
    • Extra Duties
      • Instructional Rounds Committee
      • Staff Development Committee
      • Technology Committee
      • Guitar Club Advisor
      • LCAP Committee
      • EL Task Force
  • Granite Hills High School (Apple Valley, CA) 2007-2008
    • Teacher
      • World History
      • Economics
      • A.P. Economics
    • Coach
      • Swimming
  • Substitute Teacher 2003-2007
    • Riverside Unified School District
    • Newport-Mesa Unified School District
    • Huntington Beach Unified High School District


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