Professional Development

I will post any professional development presentations of tools that I have used or that I think you would enjoy here.  Feel free to check back periodically as it will constantly be updated…

How to Motivate Students In Any Classroom


I teamed up w/ Seena Rich and we presented this at the HBUHSD Summer Institute


Here is the Presentation I gave at HBUHSD about Presentation Skills for Students

  • Presentation Skills Using TED
  • You can find the Worksheet/Rubric HERE
  • There are several fonts that will not show up if you don’t have them downloaded.  The good news is that you can get them from for free. You will need Creepshow, American Typewriter, Bates Shower, Crimes Times Six, New York City, License Plates, Network Vampires, and Jenna Sue.


Here is a Tech Tips Presentation I gave to HBUHSD Teachers


Twitter as PD for Teachers


Things That Suck

  • Things That Suck Keynote – I take no credit for coming up with this.  It’s done at most EdCamps as a way to get educators talking about hot topics in education.  Here is some background info

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